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Tips & Trick...!!! How To Change The Position Of The Taskbar On Windows 11


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Jul 18, 2020

Instructions to change the position of the Taskbar on Windows 11

As far as we know, Windows 11 does not allow you to change the position of the taskbar (taskbar) to other positions such as above, left or right, but only fixed in the position below ( Bottom ).

The following Registry change trick helps you change the Taskbar Position to the top ( Top ) but still not applicable to the position ( left and right ), and how to do it as follows:

Open Registry Editor and access the following path:

To the right of StuckRects3 select Settings

Double click Settings to open it

You notice the 2nd line in the Edit Barny Value

Change number 03 to 01

Click on the number 03 as shown above and press delete and re-enter 01

Click OK. Then go to Taskbar manager and restart Windows Explorer to change.

And when done, we have the following result

To return to the original Bottom position, edit Registry number 01 to 03 as before

Detailed video tutorial

Good luck !