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  1. >>>Guru<<<

    Video PlayOut Software...!!! GboomBa 9.0 COMPLETE SOFTWARE SIZE - 1.8GB

    GENERAL FEATURES A/B Roll Video Transition (2 Decks for Cue and Take) A/B roll is a technique used in film editing to hide ugly splices. Dissolves in film also require A/B rolling. We too use the same technic for perfect video transition like Dissolve/Alpha Blends. Two decks would be very user...
  2. KingsTV

    S-VIP PlayOut Software!!! EASY CDN ENCODER 1.6.9 Unlimited 2021 With Keygen

    EASY CDN ENCODER Streaming to social networks or custom RTMP Server Up to 4K Stream You can stream same as output or you can change stream output up to 4K resolution. Decklink and Virtual Inputs You can choose decklink cards or EMS virtual outputs for input. Scale Output You can use input...
  3. Ali Sumani

    Video PlayOut Software...!!! Jazler 2.2.3 works with win 10

    Software designed for radio stations, with all the necessary tools to transmit your signal live and / or delayed, automates the commercial pattern, musical patterns, commercial breaks, virtual voiceovers, ease of use, guaranteed stability and 100% compatible with the cards. most used audio.
  4. Djlyds

    Video PlayOut Software...!!! Xeus Playout Broadcast Software V2.7.3 With Crack

    Please visit our website : www.xeusmedia.com XeusPlayout automation have simple, easy to use, drag-and-drop interface which makes playout operations smooth and robust. The software is designed for 24/7/365 automated file playback operations with live input and internal -- external events...
  5. Ali Sumani

    Video PlayOut Software...!!! PlayMax 6.7 Radio automation

    Whoever says that the radio is dead is very wrong. Every day the digital evolution makes us take giant steps in the world of telecommunications and, with them, it seems that radio could become obsolete. But it only seems so, be careful, because in the end we continue to depend on the radio for...
  6. p0dbot

    Video PlayOut Software...!!! Marsis Playout v3.1.3 Full+Crack

  7. ReD DeViL

    Video PlayOut Software...!!! XPlayout v12.4.0.17- Full-Version XTV Channel In A Box (CIAB) Latest Playout Software 2021

    XTV Channel In A Box (CIAB) architecture guarantees a linear scalability of your TV Playout facility. One for all, all for one XTV Suite is a professional complete set of software tools for TV Broadcast Automation which manages video capture, trimming, scheduling and playout. Completely...
  8. ReD DeViL

    Video PlayOut Software...!!! Digital Video Play 7.47 Playout Software Latest Cracked 2021

    DV Play 7 is a modern playout / tv automation solution designed to be used in TV Channels. It was developed since 2001 based on customer’s requirements & feedbacks and we are proud to present to you our complete and tested playout software. • True 24/7 reliability – the playout is especially...
  9. ReD DeViL

    Video PlayOut Software...!!! ELITE Playout v5.2.2 Full With CG And Compliance Recorder With ES5 Scheduler Review 2020

    Cable TV Software | Decklink Playout Software | Media On Air 4k Ultra HD Playout software | Tv Channel Streaming Software | Broadcast Automation Scheduling Software | Decklink Software | Cable TV Channel Scheduler Software | Live Video Mixer Software | TV Channel Playout Software | Video...