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Multi Links...!!! WINPE 2021 USB Boot - Rescue Boot And Versatile Ghost

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Jul 18, 2020

WINPE 2021 USB Boot - Rescue Boot And Versatile Ghost

Bao Minh Technology shares a rescue WINPE 2021 USB Boot for technicians and users of the most versatile and simple Windows computer.

USB Boot WINPE 2021 is a versatile and simple WINPE boot support tool for users, including:

  • Ministry Hiren's WINPE10 (MBR-UEFI) to complete the basic tool for hard drive partitioning, password recovery, Ghost and Backup ...
  • Acronis True Image 2021 (UEFI) tool supports the latest Windows backup and recovery.
  • Norton Ghost 12 (UEFI) tool supports the latest UEFI backup and restore standard. In Hiren's set, there is only Norton Ghost 11.5 which only supports MBR standard Ghost. With Norton Ghost 12 supports UEFI's Ghost .

The toolkit is packed with the versatile Ventoy tool that supports MBR and UEFI 2 standard boot to make it easy to create USB Boot and easily change and upgrade tools later or add your own tools to USB without need to reinstall USB Boot.

This WINPE v2021 USB Boot is only 2.76GB for 4GB USB that can use this Boot set.

Download ISO USB Boot WINPE 2021
User manual: Download the ISO file BMT_WINPE_v2021.iso on your computer
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