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Video PlayOut Software...!!! Witech Wiplay Latest Cable Tv Software ( Only For Cable TV Software) Registered

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Witech Wiplay Latest Cable Tv Software ( Only For Cable TV Software) Registered

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Cable TV channel software company, which is providing IT solution for Channel Broadcaster, MSO, & Local Cable Operators(LCO), we are serving great channel scheduling Software, automation Broadcasting, Channel Broadcasting, TV Program Scheduler, Live Channel Program Solution, 24X7 News Broadcasting, Cable Accounting Software, Suitable for Digital and Analog cable TV system, IPTV Broadcasting,rtmp youtube live streaming, Internet TV, with multi feature like Flash Scroll, Movie Player, Songs Player, Video Advertising, Religious Program, Filler, Quotes, Playlist Based and Time Based Schedule, Channel Logo Still and animated, making automatic Trailer, Breaking News, Top Ten, Coming UP, Weather, Text Scrolling, Program Countdown, HD And SD Both support, Solution and cable accounting software and also providing better support and solution for our customer after sales
Wi-Tech products and service help to thousands of satisfied customers in all over world,
We are committed to our customer for helping with our 11 year experience of Cable TV Software field, we continually analyzing to our customer problem and give the better solution by working
Our mission is give the better service, better solution, better technology to our customer and engage in valuable partnership


Winews Key Features !
  • Time Based and Playlist based News schedule
  • Flash Scroll , Flash Script 2.0 or 3.0 Support
  • L-SHAP and U-SHAP overlay
  • Internet Youtube live streaming and video playing
  • Flash Breaking News Overlay
  • TOP News Flash Overlay
  • Comming Up Flash Overlay
  • weather Flash Overlay
  • Still and Animated Logo Overlay
  • Dynamic realtime update All Content
  • Quick Play any Schedule and media content
  • Quick ON OFF any Animation Like Breaking News, Top Ten, Comming UP
  • Quick ON OFF any of flash Content
  • Jump to any news and any Playlist in one click
  • Easy To use no special skill required for scheduling and Flash Breaking
  • Multiple flash movies overlay with Chroma key transparent
  • Quick Live streaming In one click(With Capture Card)
  • Support all popular media formats
  • Full Networking Support on LAN
  • Auto Shutdown, Auto Start, Auto Play, With Schedule
  • Low CPU and Memory consumption
  • Dynamic on off all content real time change while channel is on air
  • HD or SDI output from HDMI normal n-vidia and ATI AMD graphics card
  • Sponcer Logo with News
  • Full 32 Bit color and 1024X768 display
  • And many more hidden feature
Minimum System Requirement for Wi-News
  • OS - Windows 7 and windows xp
  • Graphics card ATI HD 5450 or N-vidia GTX Series
  • 3 GHZ Processor
  • Ram 2GB
  • HDD 300 GB

Witech Wiplay Latest Cable Tv Software ( Only For Cable TV Software) Registered

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